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TV Time

Have you heard the news about Sponge Bob Square Pants? According to a study, young children who watch the show for more than 9 minutes a day have difficulty focusing and thinking critically. Do you agree? There will always be a TV debate. How much is too much? I remember as a child getting up early on Saturday morning to watch cartoons. Today cartoons are on 24/7. We cannot get away from them. Cartoons back then were pretty standard and lacked the violence and topics of those seen on TV now. When my daughter was between the ages of 2-5 she loved to watch Sprout. I loved that channel because the shows were geared for young children and there were no advertisements. My son is eight years younger than my daughter and it seems that he grew up quicker. He lost interest in Sprout quickly. He loves Cartoon Network, but I think most of it is not appropriate for him. I have to continually monitor the shows he watches because despite the fact that they are cartoons they are not always appropriate. It is a battle. We are all busy working parents. By the time we get home we need to cook dinner, take care of bath-time and then get ready to do it all again tomorrow. While my son is busy with extracurricular activities and homework he loves TV and could watch it all day. There are times that I feel guilty about the amount of TV watching in my house. I need some house TV rules right!? One group suggests that television be only for the weekends. I don’t think I could model that one. What do you think?