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A Mom's Tips on raising a child with special needs

Today I asked a parent if she would like to share any tips she has learned along the way on raising a child with special needs. She lost a daughter at the age of four due to a seizure disorder. After losing her daughter she had another child with a genetic disorder who is now 18 years old. The doctor said these cases where just like, “A shot in the dark.” It could happen to anyone. She shares these tips with you.

1) Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
2) Give yourself some “Me Time”.
3) Get away with your spouse or significant other.
4) Keep the lines of communication open.
5) A label is just a word. It’s not defining. Don’t take it personally. It is just a way to get the help your child needs.
6) It’s not your fault. Things just happen.
7) You are not alone in your situation.
8) You can seek out others who are going through the same situation. There are others.
9) I have thought, “Why me?” But when my child’s geneticist said, “Why not you?” I couldn’t answer that. It just is. It is what it is.