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As parents we are constantly making decisions for our children. We start by looking for the best primary care doctor. Then, if we are lucky enough, we need to decide if both parents will work, or if we need to find a day-care program. When it is time for kindergarten we want them to be in the best possible school, involved in the best possible program. We continue to worry about what they are eating, if they are making friends, and how they are doing in school.

How do we make all these decisions? Well, we talk to other parents, to professionals; we even Google to find the needed information. These decisions are more difficult for parents of children with special needs. Who do they talk to when they need information? What are their rights? What rights do their children have in school, when participating in extracurricular activities in school, and in other activities of choice?

The purpose of this website is to provide families the opportunity to connect with others. As parents we all have knowledge and expertise to share based on the varied experiences we have encountered along the way. I encourage families to use the forum to ask questions, share information, thoughts, experiences, and ideas with each other. Please look at the photo gallery to see some of what we do in class. Take a moment and get to know our friends the letter people. They are real characters. I will also be posting a few of the vocabulary building activities that include our letter people friends so you can discuss them at home with your child.